TASER International, Inc. v. Karbon Arms, LLC, C.A. No. 11-426 -RGA , December 19, 2013

Andrews, J. Plaintiff’s motion for partial summary judgment of infringement and for no invalidity is granted in part and denied in part.  Defendant’s motion for summary judgment of noninfringement is denied.

 The disputed patents relate to electronic control devices designed to incapacitate a subject for a period of time by delivering a sequence of high voltage pulses in order to stun or cause involuntary muscle contractions. Defendant is not barred by collateral estoppel from making its invalidity argument since the issue here is not identical to that which arose in prior litigation.  Plaintiff failed to persuade the court that as a matter of law a prior reference relating to ignition systems is not analogous art to the field of stun guns, a factual dispute precluding summary judgment of no invalidity. Plaintiff proved infringement of one claim of one patent by showing that individual compliance signals as well as compliance groups are separated in time from the previous signal or group. Factual issues preclude summary judgment on other infringement claims.