Sprint Communications Company L.P. v. Comcast IP Holdings, I, LLC, et al., C.A. No. 12-1013 – RGA, January 28, 2014

Andrews, J. The court construes disputed claim terms from 5 patents. Oral argument took place on October 10, 2013.

 The patented technology relates to telecommunications networks.  The court construed the following claims:

Primary network element

Operator center

Means for assigning an identification key to the primary and secondary records

4 means for comparing the identification keys assigned to the records

Means for merging associated records

[SONET] ring


Ring terminal[s]

Are stacked within a single fiber route

Are stacked within a single physical route

Rings [that] individually encompass geographic areas that are large[r] than a LATA

Wherein a plurality of the rings individually encompass geographic areas that are operational to connect two non-adjacent LATAs on a single ring

Work line/ protect line

Software agent

Communication hub

Session manager

Controlling the network elements

Digital communication service for the telephone call

Provide asynchronous transfer mode service

Provide Digital subscriber Line service

Provide/providing internet protocol service

Provide/providing Synchronous Optical network service